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What is is the pioneer in international on-line exhibitions of a truly Global business community network with over 200 country portals that provide an alternative to physical trade exhibitions with similar interactivity and lower costs . This is achieved by staging of online, cross boundary, industry specific and special exhibitions, offering unparalleled opportunities for brand exposure and business networking.

Visitors / Potential Paid Exhibitors
How do I access all the other portals?

Simply by entering into and selecting the country of your interest or by adding the country name in front of the in your browser (e.g., etc.)

What does expoonline do exactly?

Just like a physical exhibition we sell pavilions (stands) in our permanent online exhibitions. The pavilions are sold in any of our 200+ National Portals (e.g. and within any of the 52 different industry categories.

Why should I subscribe to if I already have a website? uses the power of a global network to become visible on an international scale through the use of internet technology. Additionally, our in-house teams are constantly working on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) offering high exposure of your company and product in search engines. By subscribing to ExpoOnline your company/entity will benefit from the fact that web traffic will always be much higher than the traffic of any individual website, and would therefore lead to an increased visibility.

How do I benefit from subscribing at
  • Competitive rates - Participation within their business categories in their country. International Exhibition accessible to the whole world and open all year round. All this at a fraction of the cost of participating for a few days in a conventional exhibition.
  • Accessibility - Virtual exhibitions can be accessed when it is convenient for potential customers - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round
  • Convenience - Visitors to their stand are not limited to those able to spend time and money to visit a conventional, physical trade fair (normally in another country). They can attend at a time convenient for them from their home or office without unnecessary travel and the high cost related to it.
  • Communication - Involvement in a Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Government (B2G) network.
  • Safe and Secure Environment - Exhibitors are able to promote their company and products by providing information to visitors in a safe and secure environment where all data is protected.
  • Upgradeability - For a nominal extra fee, they can also participate in the Global Exhibition in the section for their products or services category - select from over 60 groups.
  • Updateability - A stand can be updated with any new products, services or content throughout the year, at their convenience and without any additional cost. It can also be used to launch a new product.
  • Ease of Use - Professional predesigned 3D templates enable them to build their stand and upload content such as your logo, images, videos and information quickly and with minimum technological knowledge. Our Help Desk is here to assist you at no extra cost. For first time subscriptions, we take care of the development and uploading of your stand at no extra cost.
  • Access to product and Services Information - Visitors and prospective buyers can easily transfer digital versions of brochures and other information from the exhibitors’ stand to their online personal electronic briefcase, to view or print at their convenience.
  • Ability to be reached - There is no need to be physically available at all times throughout the day and night. Exhibitors can exchange business cards with visitors to your stand easily and electronically.
  • Help the Environment - Online exhibitions, compared to physical exhibitions, eliminate the need for exhibitor and visitor travel accommodation and for shipment of exhibition material and construction of stands - this translates into lower costs and lower CO2 emissions.
  • Interaction - In-platform tools for instant interactivity and communication with visitors.
  • Technical Support - 24-Hour After-Sales Support. Technical & enquiry support as well as technical support for installation of virtual stands with multimedia tools (video, media)
Do visitors need to register in order to access

No, visitors can utilize the platform FREE of charge and can view all information that an exhibitor has to offer easily without registration. Registering is only needed once a visitor wishes to interact with an exhibitor or to access their personal virtual briefcase.

How many products/services can be listed in my pavilion?

A company can list up to 20 products / services with titles & brief descriptions and have a direct link to related documents on their stand or to their website giving further information about the mentioned product or service.

Can I include documents and Videos in my Pavilion?

Yes, allows you to add up to 10 documents and up to 5 videos in order to showcase your products or services in the best possible way.

What information is needed to create my own Pavilion?
  • Company Name
  • Category/ies (Should be related to their product or service)
  • Working Website
  • 1-5 Email
  • 1-5 Contact Name and Position
  • 1-5 Physical Address
  • 1-5 Contact Details (Tel. Fax etc)
  • Company Profile (50-500 words)
  • Company Logo (minimum quality: 300x300px, maximum file size: 100Kb, image types: JPG, PNG)
  • 5-20 Product/services images (minimum quality:  480x320px, maximum file size: 100Kb, image types: JPG, PNG)
  • Title and Description for each product (10-100 words)
  • 0-10 Banners for pavilion design (minimum quality:  480x320px, maximum file size: 100Kb, image types: JPG, PNG   *NOTE: Products can also be used)
  • 0-5 Videos (max resolution: 480x320px, Max size 10Mb)
  • 0-10 Documents (PDF, DOC, DOCx, XLS, XLSx, RTF, TXT, PPT, PPTx. JPG   Maximum file size: 5Mb)
Who can become an exhibitor?

Any organization or company regardless of size can become an exhibitor. Companies, Government bodies, Champers of Commerce, Professional Associations and individuals.

While we are not able to select our potential exhibitors we have introduced many screening protocols to filter out such companies.

How do I join?

To become a subscriber either email us at or contact one of our country offices, the details of which can be found on the contact page on any of our websites.

What does Platinum Subscription offer?

A pavilion represents the company or entity, with product images and descriptions; as well as company information, videos and documents. Please visit our Subscription Features page for more information.

How much does it costs?

Prices may vary from country to country according to the cost of living and other factors. The list price is as below, though special and introductory prices exist periodically for various countries. For your country (portal) of interest, please email us at or contact one of our country offices, the details of which can be found on the contact page on any of our websites.


List Price €

12 months


6 months


How do Associations, Champers of Commerce, and/or Government bodies benefit from this service?

Information about any Chamber of Commerce, Associations, National Federation and Non-Governmental Organization is displayed free-of-charge on each country portal. Moreover, forges special agreements with Chambers of Commerce, etc., to highlight their member Associations.

How much tax will I be charged and how can I get a receipt?

That will depend on your local taxation regime. You can receive a receipt by sending an email to

How many countries does cover?

We currently cover over 200 countries and still expanding.

What connection speed &/or browser do I need to access does not require high system requirements and can be accessed using nearly all types of browsers as well as by any smart phone or tablet device.

What is the Virtual Briefcase?

The virtual briefcase allows exhibitors and visitors to collect and save online , virtual business cards, company documentation and or  videos and add  any pavilion to their favorites.  This information can then be accessed at any time. Visitors require free registration in order to access this functionality.

Can I access the and all of its portals from my iphone, ipad or android device?

Yes you can. technology enables access from any internet able device.

How is different from major search engines such as Google or Bing?

Information obtained by major search engines is more general by nature and is not verified by a trusted source. Information provided by is cross-checked and verified from many trusted sources. Moreover is a B2B oriented portal as opposed to search engine portals that are B2C oriented.

What is the time frame needed for building my stand?

A stand may be built in 30 minutes however, due to the workload we endeavor to build the stands within one week of receiving the request.

Can I create my Company Stand on my own?

Yes anyone can create their own stand by using our user friendly wizard, but In order to make your life easier, the technical teams of are available to create your company/entity’s profile for you.

How can visitors and exhibitors exchange their business cards and add selected information to their virtual briefcase?

By logging into an account, both exhibitors and visitors can exchange business cards and add selected  information to their virtual briefcase.

Can I modify my Online Stand/Pavilion?

Yes you can modify the stand / Pavilion once it has been set up. To do so you will need to register on the site and we will send you the login information which will allow immediate access to your stand.

What languages are available?

Currently our site is available in English, but text and keywords can be translated into 29 other languages that include Arabic, Bengali, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Urdu, and Vietnamese.

Can I be informed of the number of visitors to the exhibition?

Yes you can. We provide reports with actual numbers of visitors and statistics for every exhibition.

Who can I call if I have problems or need to do changes?

Your contact our helpdesk and support team in by clicking on the Online Help Icon on the top right of the screen.

What is the Online Briefcase?

The virtual briefcase allows exhibitors and visitors to collect and save online, virtual business cards, companies’ documentation and or videos, add pavilion to their favorites. This information can then be accessed at any time. Visitors require free registration in order to access this functionality.

Can I cancel my participation?

Yes, subscription in can be cancelled, provided that the request is received within the first three months. The cancellation will incur a fee of 50% of the total price payable.

How can I be certain an exhibitor will receive my inquiry?

Any inquiry received is immediately forwarded to the exhibitor.

Can I unregister?

You can unregister at any time without any obligation.

Can I buy products through

No, as we are not a trading platform. is an Online International Exhibitions Centre and business information exchange. To buy or sell is a matter left entirely to the discretion of exhibitors and visitors, without the intermediation of

How can I contact Helpdesk Representative?

You can contact us via our Live Help Messenger in any of our portals or by email at: or by telephone at: +357 22 581 555

How are trade visitors invited / attracted to visit the exhibitions? advertises through various marketing channels and partnerships, all of its country portals so as to attract trade buyers to visit the online exhibitions. Additionally has secured cooperation with various international trade organizations and chambers to publicize ExpoOnlne to all of their members.

Associates / Agents
What sort of document will I be given when I am appointed as an Associate?

When the agreement is signed by both sides, you will then receive a Letter of Understanding which will be of equal importance and power to our copy showing that you are a Sales Associate for in your territory.

What is the business plan for agents or sales consultants?

Geographical segmentation by Country / Province has been effected.  Commission fees vary based on Paid Exhibitors provided, within a specified period of time.

What is the compensation package for sales consultants?

It is variable and agreeable upon negotiations.

Will Business Global provide training to agents?

Full and in-depth training will be provided.

Will any tax be deducted from salary or commission?

In accordance with the tax regime of the Republic of Cyprus, tax on goods and services is not charged to companies/organizations based overseas.

Will have more Sales Consultants/Agents in my country/region? How will the area be designated to each agent in order to avoid duplicate or even multi-plicate communications from agents?

When we appoint a Sales Consultant, we also agree on the territory and area of activities for the promotion of services. For example we can divide a country according to territories or areas e.g. States, Provinces or cities on a three month probation period. In case an agent has a list of potential companies outside the designated area of his/her direct responsibility, and is sure that a sale will be concluded, then a copy of these contacts has to be forwarded to the Regional Sales Manager, to give the Agent the leverage to act accordingly  and avoid any friction with another Agent in the same area.

Whom will I be reporting to?

You will be reporting to your HQ Sales Coordinator Regional Manager.

If a problem occurs when communicating with clients, who is the person in charge?

Your Regional Sales Manager and the Company's IT Department.

What support do you offer? Who do I call when I have problems?

Your single point of contact  is your HQ Regional Sales Manager.

Who builds the stands?

Our technical teams in Cyprus build the stands upon receipt of the request.

What is the time scale of building stands?

We endeavor to build the stands within one week of receiving the request.

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